Non Insured Health Benefits (NIHB)

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Vision Statement

The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program provides a limited range of medically necessary health related goods and services to Opaskwayak Cree Nation Members living on/off Reserve. The benefits include:

  • Medical & supplies and equipment
  • Crisis Intervention Mental Health counseling
  • Traditional dental care
  • Vision care
  • Medical transportation


Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation is initiated with a referral from the Doctor, Nurse, Hospital Staff, NADAP Counselor and Spiritual Advisors.

Assistance will be given to OCN members living on and off reserve; this would include transportation by ground, water and air travel. Medical Transportation benefits may include assistance with meals and accommodations when these expenses are incurred while in transit for medically required health services.

First Nation Inuit Health Branch authorizes all flight requests


Frequency Guidelines for eligibility
Under 18 years old - 1 per year
18 years old and over 1 per 2 years

Traditional Healer

Medical Transportation benefits, within the client's region/territory of residence, may be provided for clients to travel to see a Traditional healer.


  • Compassionate Travel
  • Clients in care of federal/provincial or territorial institutes (incarcerated)
  • Court-ordered Treatment/assessment or a condition of parole
  • Appointments while traveling outside of Canada
  • Travel for clients residing off reserve where the appropriate health services are available locally
  • Travel for the purpose of a third-party requested medical examination
  • The return trip home while away from home
  • Travel to pick up prescriptions or vision care products
  • Transportation to adult day care, respite care

NIHB Staff

Jennifer Banhegy - Manager
Ken Lathlin - Referral Clerk
Vikki Crane- Dispatcher/Vision
Raymond Burns - Medical Van Driver
Dan Moore - Medical Van Driver

Contact Number

  • Main Switchboard: 204-627-7410
  • NIHB Dispatch: 204-627-7414
  • NIHB On-Call: 204-623-0569
  • Crisis Line: 204-623-0519
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