Mino-Pimatisiwin Program

The Mino-Pimatisiwin Program is a new program within the mental wellness department at Beatrice Wilson Health Centre. This program aims to provide interventions and preventative services for youth who face multiple challenges and barriers and might be involved or steering toward illegal activities, such as gang involvement, crime and violence.

This program is for all youth ranging from 13-21 years of age.

The program will work in depth with the clients and families, utilizing traditions and culturally appropriate holistic ways of life to find/revive "the good life" within the client. The program will create a culturally based, focused collaborative and comprehensive approach to gang and crime prevention that will reduce the gang/crime activity rate impact of gang/crime activity on the personal safety and wellness of community members.
We developed four critical goals that work together to create successful outcomes.

These four goals include:

  • Culturally adapted interventions
  • Individual Case management
  • Family support.
  • Community Involvement

Mainly our first goal is to apply culturally Adapted Interventions; in programming; for identified youth. These interventions are based on the medicine wheel teachings. The youth's Spiritual, physical, mental and emotional wellness will be addressed through a series of programs and activities. The importance of aligning youth with Elders will be inherent in the programming.

Elder Guidance & Spiritual Teachings in
Truth, Wisdom, Love, Respect, Honesty, Humility & Courage

Individual Case management; the Behavioural Health Clinician will counsel the youth with mental health challenges. Individual Case Management will go hand in hand with creating The Hub.
The Hub consists of all relevant stakeholders in the community, including Health, CFS, Education, the RCMP, Justice, Corrections, and others. The Hub will meet regularly and work with the case managers to ensure that no youth slips through the cracks. The Hub knows who requires help and that someone is following that individual.

Networking with Elders to restore the family unit creates a family support system. Elders have indicated that restoring traditional family values can support positive change in the community. The traditional way is to visit the home environment, build trust and identify the resources and assistance ly needs to heal and stay together.

Our Forth goal, Active Community Involvement, aims to improve community projects and events through local knowledge and participation. These benefits include increasing community awareness, building trust and relationships, and attracting local talent in Land-based activities, sports, music, arts and entertainment. Together we can make a difference for our youth.

The Mino-Pimatisiwin Program Activities

Land Based Activities

  • Canoeing
  • Hunting/ Fishing
  • Trapping and more


  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball and more


  • Traditional Drums
  • Traditional Singing
  • Acoustic Guitar and more


  • Drum Kit Making
  • Dream Catcher Making
  • Traditional Painting and more

Unite Interactive