Community wellness, healing and a healthy lifestyle

The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre at the Opaskwayak Cree Nation was designed to highlight the strength and pride of its People.

The centre is named after Beatrice Wilson, who was born at Opaskwayak Cree Nation and was a strong advocate and leader for OCN (known then as The Pas Indian Band). She became the first woman Councilor for OCN and was our first Community Health Representative. Unyielding in her pursuit of health and well-being for OCN, her legacy of determination will live on.

OCN Vision Statement

Guided by the wisdom of our Elders and the energy of our Youth, the Opaskwayak Cree Nation is proud, progressive, and independent.

Through our rich Cree cultural traditions and values, the Ininiwuk of Opaskwayak are empowered to achieve an enhanced quality of life in a safe, healthy, and strong community.

OHA Mission Statement

Opaskwayak Health Authority will pursue the development of community wellness, healing and health services and programs incorporating mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being while maintaining and respecting traditional/cultural values and beliefs.

State of the art facility that represents the spirits of the four primary directions or the four elements of the air, earth, fire and water.

As you journey through the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre you are caressed by the soothing colours of the land. These "Earth" tones remind us of our responsibility to utilize our gifts of wisdom and knowledge as caretakers of Mother Earth so that we can ensure her health and preservation.

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Our Facility

Staying connected with our community

We take pride in our close relationships with those we proudly serve in our community. Keeping you informed is a priority of ours.

We want to make sure you have the latest information on health care services and programming provided by the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre.

Services and programs for all: We offer many different opportunities for healthy living from newborn babies, families and elders in the community. We are here to provide guidence and support and make sure that we help promote healthy living for those that strive for community wellness, healing services and programs incorporating mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well being.

Active in our community: We immerse ourselves in the community we live and work by participating and putting on community events that promote wellness and a healthy living style. We invite you to take part in these events and follow us on Facebook as we look forward to future events.




Compassionate care while respecting traditional/cultural values and beliefs
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