Maternal Child Health Program


The time from conception to 6 years of age has the most influence of any time period on brain development, behavior, and health.

The effects of maternal health during pregnancy and of childhood experiences on brain development during the first six years last a lifetime. In addition, improving knowledge of preconception and reproductive health among young adults helps to promote a healthy start to pregnancy.

We support families in health and wellness in their homes to promote child growth and development.

We follow the growing great kids and growing great family's curriculum in which, our family visitors are trained and provide information on health, safety, and nutrition to help you create goals for your family needs.

This is a voluntary program once you register one of our family visitors will be in contact with you to schedule a time that suits you and your family for a visit, we also have a nurse on staff for any nursing resources that you require.

Topics of education cover

  • Prenatal Care
  • Fetal Development
  • Newborn Care
  • Baby cues/baby talk
  • Bonding
  • Budgeting
  • Healthy coping skills
  • Growth and development
  • Feeding and nutrition
  • Parenting tips


Birth Doula Services

Doulas provide physical, emotional, spiritual, and informational support while maintaining non-judgmental care. Doulas do not give medical treatment or advice. They do not touch medical instruments or take over the birthing experience. We also do not replace but encourage family support.

Doulas are professionally trained aides who provide care before, during and after labour and delivery. We also provide support for medical termination, miscarriages, and still-births.

Our primary goal is to care for the family's emotional health and enhance the positive birthing experience.

Doulas help you advocate for yourself by

  • Encouraging the birthing person or their partner to ask questions and verbalize their preferences surrounding birth and support your decision
  • Teaching the family positive communication techniques
  • Provide presence, reassurance, support, and praise in our traditional ways by supporting ceremonies surrounding birth
  • We can attend your birth as a second support person and if you are alone, we can attend as your only support person as no one should be alone at this special time in you and your baby's life

We offer all of this and so much more! Lots of incentives please check out our Facebook page - OHA Maternal Child Health Program!


Our staff

Manager - Luise Bugera

Kristen Burns - ICT RN Coordinator

April Dorion - Family Visitor

Helene Sinclair - Family Visitor

Robin Thrones - Birth Doula

Evelyn Fischer - Birth Doula

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